The Girlie Show is about celebrating the female body's strength and vulnerability through circus, music and comedy. Burlesquing society's view on gender and the choices we make in our daily lives based on sexual identity.


Burlesque comes​ from the Italian word "Burlo" which means to joke or jest. A classic art-form that birthed many modern theater genres such as Vaudeville and Cabaret. Our goal when creating "The Girlie Show" in 2003 was to act as preservation for Burlesque. To breathe new life into one of the oldest forms of American entertainment. 


  Over the years, "The Girlie Show" has taken on a new form by adding circus elements which showcase the power and strength of the female body.


  "I like to create images on stage that are vibrant , imaginative and sexy. A  gender-bendy, thought-provoking show that is tongue and cheek. This is everything Burlesque means to me.  A beautiful,  yet grotesque mirror held up to the audience Burlesquing our current affairs.  

   So many of us only identify Burlesque with a certain era that included women stripteasing their clothes away. Burlesque is so much more. "The Girlie Show" pays tribute to the early roots of all modern entertainment like Tableaux, Vaudeville, Cabaret, Operettas and Musical Theater . I think it's important to pay respect, preserve and keep things moving who doesn't love a sparkling set of pasties? "

   - Director and Creator Jamieson Lindenburg

JAMIESON LINDENBURG -Producer/Creator/Director

​ Since 2006,  Jamieson has performed on stages in Japan, South America, Europe, Russia, Canada ,  Asia and Australia . As a singer he has appeared in the world tours of  Varekai and  Quidam by Cirque Du Soleil. As an actor, Jamieson toured with the hit Broadway Musical RENT,  as well as participated in The New York Musical Theater Fringe Festival, Burlesque Festivals and other popular  theatrical shows.  Jamieson is also a songwriter, and in 2014 released his first full-length musical album True North.   Jamieson is the founder and creative Director of  Bearded Lady Productions based in Florida.  Jamieson's productions have appeared on stages in New York City, Chicago, Miami, Portland, Sao Paulo Brazil,  Toronto & Montreal Canada,  and Portugal.